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MA4C Launch Event

Mobile Apps 4 Charity officially kicked off last night at the Launch event held at SAP TechEd! With members from both charities speaking, attendees at the event were excited to sign up their efforts to help a great initiative.

Sean Maloney from Challenger Center and Chuck Newman from Schools for Children of the World both spoke to give attendees an insight into their respective charities and the ways in which a new app could benefit them. Volunteers have already started signing up and registration will continue to stay open over the coming weeks.

ExpertIG is partnering with SAP on the Mobile Apps 4 Charity Initiative, an opportunity for professionals within the SAP Community to come together and make a positive impact on the people and initiatives that charitable organizations support.

With volunteers of all kinds, ExpertIG will be leading teams in the development of apps that will help these charities operate better. Over the course of the next few months, volunteer teams will be formed followed by the actual creation of the apps.

Please visit the Volunteer Registration page to sign up!