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Today the SAP Newsroom released information regarding the official Mobile Apps 4 Charity launch event that took place at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas on Monday, October 21, 2013. The support from SAP has been incredibly in helping build the momentum around the initiative. Since Monday night, bloggers and Mobile Apps 4 Charity evangelists have been sharing their excitement for the cause with representatives of ExpertIG and SAP who work on the Mobile Apps 4 Charity Team. Additionally, SAP TechEd conference attendees have been wearing light blue cause bracelets and registering for the cause upon visiting the SAP CSR (IZ16) pod in the InfoZone and the SAP Build Your Application Business with SAP (IZ22) pod. The event was a successful kick off to generating a buzz about the Mobile Apps 4 Charity mission and the team is gearing up to expand the SAP TechEd launch to a global audience through web events and registration campaigns.

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