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The Mobile Apps 4 Charity initiative is an opportunity for professionals within the SAP Community to come together and make a positive impact on the people and initiatives that charitable organizations support. We have seen technology transform the way our organizations operate; as a result, the Mobile Apps 4 Charity initiative was established to transform the lives of people in need through the use of technology in charitable organizations.


Our Mission

In a world where smart phones and mobile devices are beginning to dictate the way people go about their day, it is our mission to support charities with mobile technology that will not only add innovation to the way in which they improve their beneficiaries’ lives, but will improve the way in which they support their cause by streamlining their processes and providing much more accessibility to their cause.


Our Goal

Mobile Apps 4 Charity will bring together the technical skills and the innovation that developers and mobile technology enthusiasts within the SAP Community have to offer. Volunteers will work in teams to create and implement mobile applications that use the SAP Mobile Platform and open source mobile technology.



Rolling off of their recognition as the 2013 SAP Pinnacle Award Winner for Packaged Mobile App Innovator of the Year, ExpertIG will be coordinating the efforts of business and technical volunteers to create exciting apps that will help charitable organizations to fulfill their missions by using today’s leading mobile technology. As part of SAP’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, SAP will be providing multiple avenues of support including a technology donation, expertise, and leadership throughout the effort. ExpertIG will lead the Volunteer Teams in this initiative by educating participants on their levels of involvement and they will facilitate the use of the SAP Mobile Platform technology that SAP has donated to the cause.


SAP has provided technology donations to over 5,000 non-governmental and non-profit organizations. A combination of software, training, and other services from SAP helps recipients improve critical business areas such as performance management, fundraising operations and donor reporting.

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